Catalyst Air Date
Management System

CAMS for Short Form
With short form contracts, you buy media for a period of weeks at a time.

CAMS for Long Form
Look up by station call letters, air date, or unique air date number.

CAMS Accounting Modules
Tightly integrated with Long Form and Spot Management.

Why work weekends when CAMS can automate the process.

Custom Reports
The Custom Report Generator (CRG) has been designed specifically for use with CAMS, providing access to the information in all of the CAMS data files.

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System Requirements


An IBM* PC or compatible computer with a Pentium II or higher CPU.

CAMS Version 9 requires a faster CPU (Central Processing Unit) chip and more memory than Version 8 did.
(Version 8 required very little.)

The following minimum hardware is recommended, but not necessarily required.

For Windows XP Pro, 2000, and NT:
Minimum: Pentium3 running at 1.0 ghz with 256 mb RAM

Recommended: Pentium4 running at 1.8 ghz with 512 mb RAM (or better)

For Windows NTand ME:
Minimum: Pentium2 running at 400 mhz with 128 mb RAM
Recommended: Pentium3 Running at 700 mhz with 256 mb RAM (or better)

For Windows 98 and 95:
Minimum: Pentium2 running at 300 mhz with 64 mb RAM
Recommended: Pentium3 running at 700 mhz with 128 mb RAM (or better)

In general, the more RAM memory you add to a Windows XP, 2000 or NT computer, the faster it will perform with all applications, not just CAMS 9.

Adding more memory to a Windows 98, Me or 95 computer will increase performance but only up to a maximum of 512 megabytes of RAM.

Many newer computers will work just fine. If your computer does require upgrading, sometimes all that is required is the simple addition of more RAM memory.

The hardware requirements cited above are reasonable requirements for running Windows. Most of these resources are used by Windows itself. Having at least the minimum listed (and preferably the recommended requirements) will improve the performance of all applications, not just CAMS 9.

Operating System
Runs Under Microsoft* Windows XP Pro*, Windows 2000*, Windows NT*, Windows 98*, Windows ME* and 95*.
To print reports, CAMS™ requires a laser or wide-carriage dot matrix printer.

Network Systems
The network version of CAMS™ runs on the following platforms:
• Novell Netware* network operating system, version 3.12 or greater.
• Windows NT*, Windows Server 2003*, Windows Server 2000*, and Windows 98*